PreDance – Ages 3-5 (students not currently enrolled in Kindergarten) is an introduction to dance.  The primary goal is to foster a love of dance.  The class is a combination of Tap, Ballet, and Jazz.  Several fun or special activities happen in the classes.  For example, Rhythm is taught using musical instruments and creative movement exercises enhance imagination and creativity.  The curriculum and technique covered in PreDance is all steps which the student can master and by doing so they build self-confidence. Children are taught proper technique and dance terminology, as the curriculum is also set up to prepare students for KinderDance Classes.



KinderDance – Ages 5-6  (students enrolled in Kindergarten) covers a basis of movement found in all dance forms.  Jazz, Ballet and Tap are the primary techniques taught.  The goals of the KinderDance class are to foster creativity, freedom and expression in movement, a love for dance, and to prepare students for the structure of a Level 1 Dance Class.  The curriculum of the KinderDance class will prepare the students for the following year when they graduate to Level 1 Jazz, Ballet, Tap or Hip Hop.  By the end of the year the students can dance independent of the teacher and memorize simple exercises and sequences.


Level 1-5 Classes

We do not offer combination classes, after kinderdance.  Students above this age (currently enrolled in 1st grade or higher) are ready for more disciplined study.  Combination classes after this age are not appropriate for the necessary growth of the student.  Proper time must be allotted for warm ups and technique otherwise students would be warming up just to change their shoes,  not leaving any time for technique.  At least a 50 minute class of an individual subject is necessary for the best performing arts education possible.  

The Leveled classes are offered for up to 5 different levels.   General guidelines:  Predance, ages 3-5 (not enrolled in kindergarden).  Kinderdance- current Kindergarden students only.  Level 1 - ages 6-8 (1st & 2nd Grades), Level 2 - ages 8-10 (3rd & 4th Grades), Level 3 - ages 10-12 (5th & 6th Grade), Level 4 - ages 12-15 (7th, 8th & 9th grades), Level 5 - ages 15-18 (10th, 11th, & 12th grades)

Students are placed by ability and not just by age alone.  Your child’s development is of the utmost concern. We place students where we feel they will be appropriately challenged, but yet feel a sense of confidence and achievement. Our Instructors will also let parents know if their children should be moved to a more appropriate level once they have worked with the students.  For more information about placement, please feel free to call the office, someone will gladly assist you in choosing the appropriate level for your child.

Adult Classes

18 years of age and older

Adult classes are recreational in nature and are meant for fun and exercise. 

BALLET (Level 1-5)

POINTE (Level 4-5)


The most important form of dance for proper technique, Ballet enhances coordination, teaches posture and placement. Ballet is the foundation of all dance techniques and is the fundamental class for all serious dance students.  This is a structured class and proper body alignment and terminology are developed.  Discipline and dedication are learned through repeated exercises and techniques.  Pointe class, when of age and ability, is at the discretion of our Ballet Mistress.  Auditions are required for new students wishing to continue Pointe work. All Pointe students are required to take two ballet lessons per week.

JAZZ  (Level 1-5) 


Jazz style of dance is what is seen in many Broadway type shows such as “Cats”.  It is a more structured style of dance than Hip Hop. Flexibility and Technique skills such as turns and leaps are the focus of the class. From upbeat music to Broadway styles such as Fosse – Jazz is a class most students enjoy very much.

HIP HOP (Level 1-5) 


Hip Hop is a fast, high energy type of dance seen in music videos and commercials. Endurance and strengthening is also a big part of the class.  Pop n Lock, Funk, and Break-dance moves are learned.  Hip Hop is definitely one of the most popular classes offered and it is an energetic, fun class.



Our musical Theater classes incorporate Theater Dance, Vocal, and Acting into one exciting and rewarding class.  Any students wishing to experience all aspects of theater are urged to take this class.  Musical Theatre Class for students ages 6-13. 

TAP  (Level 1-5)


Tap requires a great deal of coordination and can be a challenging style of dance.   Tap styles vary from Classic Traditional tap to Funky Rhythm Tap.  Learn how to use your feet as an instrument with this fun class!


LYRICAL (Level 1-5)


Lyrical is a very expressive form of dance that consists of movements designed to interpret the lyrics or mood of the music. Combinations of jazz and ballet techniques are used to create Lyrical dance. It is a beautiful, flowing form of dance.



ACRO (Level 1-5)


This class focuses on gymnastic floor work.  Tricks such as cartwheels, handstands, back handsprings, back tucks etc. are learned.  Flexibility and strengthening exercises are an integral part of the class.  This class is great for both recreational and serious dance students.

Vital Link - Competition Team 

We offer 2 teams, Mini & Jr’s. Our competition team competes at competitions through out the season. and performs at various events

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